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Guacamelee Artwork 3

Artwork of El Presidente's Daughter

El Presidente's Daughter is an unnamed woman who is the daughter of the President. She is Juan's love interest and is captured by Carlos Calaca, prompting Juan to rescue her. She is a lifetime friend of Juan, knowing each other and getting into trouble when they were children. Carlos captured her as a form of sacrifice to unlock great power as well as become his unwilling bride, because she was born on the day of a special eclipse. After Carlos' defeat, she dies from the power of the sacrificial ritual. However, if Juan has gathered all of the ancient mask pieces, she will survive and become Juan's wife.

Young El Presidentes Daughter


  • It is implied that she was engaged or arranged to be married to an unnamed ambassador's son. Said engagement was broken off due to the unnamed son having an affair with a Cabinet Minster's wife. Father' Ayayay remarks that this was "such a scandal". The President's Daughter's feelings on this arrangement are unknown at this time.