Enemy Javier Jaguar pose

Artwork of Javier Jaguar.

Jaguar Javier is a boss enemy in Guacamelee! He is depicted as a half man, half jaguar warrior. He claims his strange form was because of a curse, which he says there is no cure. He was an apprentice to Uay Chivo, but eventually started working for Calaca, who threatened to kill his former master. He then becomes one of Calaca's most fearsome minions. He is fought in the Sierra Mountains, and is defeated by Juan.

History and CharacterEdit

Javier is first encountered in the Forest del Chivo, where he laments having to deal with Juan in such an unceremonious fashion before breaking the bridge and sending Juan to the bottom of the valley. From the start he comes off as an honorable individual, giving Juan warnings when he is encountered, and voicing his private distaste for serving Calaca. He claims to have once been a great warrior who was transformed as a reward for his heroism in the past and now serves whomsoever has masterhood of him at the time.

Pictograms present throughout the Pico de Gallo depict a warrior in clothes and gear similar to Javier's slaying a great fire-breathing giant by beheading it. As the people rejoice, however, the giant's body gushes lava from its neck, raining fire onto the townsfolk. While evidently stylized in its depiction, the pictograms suggest Javier was responsible for the creation of the volcano--the body of the slain giant--and for its eruption that destroyed Camposanta. As no one ever mentions Javier, instead praising Josefina, and Javier himself implies that he is extremely old (even being in ancient gear), it is more likely that Javier slew the giant in ancient times and that its corpse erupts periodically with the most recent eruption being the one that destroyed Camposanta.

Javier does not appear to be dead in the same manner that Calaca is, instead being some sort of divine entity capable of traversing the worlds freely. He claims to be in service to Calaca due to Calaca's threat to kill Javier's actual master. From Uay Chivo's reaction to Juans's defeating Javier at the peak of Sierra Moreno, it is implied that Uay Chivo is the master he speaks of, or at least that Uay Chivo trained Javier in ancient times.

Jaguar Javier is a reference to the were-jaguar motif seen in Olmec art, as well as the animal skin armor and wooden equipment donned by ancient Mesoamerican warriors.

Javier can be seen mingling with Juan in the credits, suggesting that there are no hard feelings between the two after the Calaca incident.