Game art depicting Uay Chivo.


Uay Chivo is a character in Guacamelee! responsible for teaching Juan Aguacate and Tostada essential new moves and abilities. Depicted as a decrepit old man, he is capable of transforming into a goat at will and calls himself the lord of all goat-men. He is cantankerous and is constantly deriding Juan for being destructive and dim-witted after breaking his precious Choozo Statues, which contain the moves he teaches. Chivo is also Jaguar Javier's former mentor. When he is first encountered, he will ask if Juan's mother is single and likes "baaaaaaaad" boys.


Uay Chivo is based on The Huay Chivo, a traditional character from Mayan folklore. The Huay Chivo is believed to be a half-man half-beast, or some sort of sorcerer who terrorizes livestock. The Huay Chivo is the basis for the Chupacabra myth.  

Trivia Edit

  • The Choozo Statues are a reference to Metroid's Chozo Statues, in appearance, name and funtionality. In Metroid the statues give Samus new weapons and abilities, while in Guacamelee! they give Juan and Tostada a new ability.

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